We offer engraving, cutting and marking services by CO2 laser plotter by GCC – Spirit GLS.

Operating area; 965 x 610 mm, size of operating table: 1020 x 705 mm, maximum clearance over the table: 180 mm


  • Cutting of plastic and wood structure elements for manufacturing architectural models and advertising.
  • engraving and cutting of plastics – acrylic glass, acrylic and the others,
  • engraving and marking on the coated or anodised metals,
  • engraving of nameplates on coated or anodised aluminium metal sheets,
  • engraving of plates for the internal communication systems for the passageways and office rooms, offices, banks, plants, etc.
  • engraving on the ball pens and the other advertising or occasional gifts,
  • engraving of key rings, numbers for doors, number plates for keys, identifiers and the other name plates,
  • engraving and cutting of wood and cardboard for diplomas, structure elements, models,
  • engraving description plates for control cabinets, switches, valves,
  • engraving and cutting of stamps in rubber, indestructible marking of expensive equipment, parts and the ether elements, which require permanent marking