Welcome on the grafeR web site.


We are a family company. We are involved in manufacturing, providing services, cooperating in the operations related to the furniture and advertising branches and industry. We operate in the areas, where we can use our potential and manufacturing capabilities. We make furniture, decorative panels, exhibition stands, display stands, advertising racks, 3D letters, and we render services of cutting and engraving while using CNC milling machine and CO2 laser, as well as thermal plotter. Please see our offer if You plan to execute your designs, orders, plans today or in the future. We are open for the cooperation proposals within a scope of the discrete and series manufacturing orders, executing services, as well as the other concepts of using our possibilities. We are willing to respond to Your questions with regard to our scope of activities, as well as in respect of the other non-standard designs, in which we have not been involved before, but due to our skills, capabilities and a modern machinery park we are able to perform. I invite for cooperation.


Your faithfully,
Roman Bochniarz